A speedy recovery shout-out has to go to the one and only Kool Herc. The godfather of hip-hop recently was hospitalized and had kidney stone surgery. Herc’s story has gotten quite a bit of coverage for several reasons. As with rock and soul legends in the past, it highlights the fact that musicians don’t have health insurance. Medical bills are quite expensive (take it from me), and someone who is uninsured and faces serious ailments is going to accumulate quite a bit of debt even if they’ve got a good amount of money tucked away somewhere. Of course, Herc’s plight isn’t something new-hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans go through something similar every day. However, perhaps the plight of someone who had an influential part in creating the last major new musical genre of the 20th century can open a few more eyes to the plight of the nation’s uninsured.

Of course, I also hope that many in the music industry who have made serious coin off of Herc’s back have chipped into the legend’s medical fund. Jay-Z may be “overcharching (people) for what they did to the Cold Crush”, but I’m quite sure he could use some of his St. Tropez money to make sure Herc’s getting proper care. Right, Jigga?

Herc looks to make a recovery, but on a more sobering note, former Prince & the Revolution drummer Bobby Z is in the intensive care unit of a Minnesota hospital after suffering a heart attack last week. The 55-year old percussionist had the longest stint of any member of Prince’s most famous backing band, performing with the pop legend from the outset of his career in 1978 until the Revolution was disbanded eight years later. Former bandmates Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman and even Prince himself have sent their best wishes, and we hope Bobby recovers because we REALLY want Prince to come to his senses and reunite the Revolution for at least one more performance!!

Seriously, though. Hearing about not only these things, but also about my boy Nixon‘s recent MS diagnosis as well as another friend in my age range who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease makes me realize how fragile something like health is. Take care of yourselves, my friends. Nothing is promised in life!

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