It’s been an eventful couple of years for Jennifer Hudson. If placing on “American Idol” and then turning into an Oscar winner wasn’t enough, since the release of her successful debut album, J. Hud has won a Grammy, gotten married, had a baby and lost a shit-ton of weight. On the unfortunate side, she also lost her mother, brother and nephew tragically.

I enjoyed her debut album, and I was wondering when she was gonna stop doing Weight Watchers commercials and release some new music, since it feels like she’s been gone for quite a while (her album was released in 2008). Well, her new single “Where You At” was released to radio this week, and if anything, proves that slimming down has definitely not diminished her vocal power-AT ALL. She turns in a diva-worthy performance here, and she’s helped by the fact that “Where You At” continues R. Kelly’s career rejuvenation. Even though the song is 1 part “I Believe I Can Fly”/”The World’s Greatest” and 1 part “When a Woman’s Fed Up”/”Be Careful”, it still works. Or maybe J. Hud’s pipes have the ability to turn an average song into a great performance.

Jennifer’s second album, I Remember Me, will be out this spring.

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