Y’all know how much I love Kanye West, but I fear he might be burning the candle at both ends and trying to put out too much product at once. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has barely been out for two months, and there’s the Watch the Throne project with Jay-Z coming out. Now, reports are saying that Kanye’s got yet another album almost in the can that he plans to have out in the summer? Maybe it’s just because I’m from a generation of people that are used to 2-3 year breaks between album releases, but I think three quality albums in one year would be hard for anyone to pull off. Add in the fact that I’m already fairly skeptical about Watch the Throne, and…who knows? Maybe Kanye’ll surprise me. But I’d be more surprised if I were surprised than if I was not surprised, know what I mean? In other words, maybe Kanye should chill for a minute. I’d rather have quality than quantity, and I’m sure most music fans would agree.

Rumors about New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight being gay have been an open secret for years (and to think, when I was in high school and the New Kids were in their heyday, everyone thought the gay New Kid was his brother Jordan), and 80s icon and former girlfriend Tiffany accidentally confirmed the rumors on TV recently. While doing an interview with Deborah Gibson to promote their new film, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (they’re doing a film about sport drinks?), Tiff mentioned the fact that she and Jon dated back in the day, and that he later “turned gay”. I’m a little conflicted about this. Obviously, Jonathan’s private life is his private life. He’s not walking around parading a girlfriend or wife and living a lie, so there’s no need for him to be publicly outed. However, as a fan, I’m curious as to whether that played a part in his departure from the group back in 1994 (shortly after their Face the Music album was released) and I’m also curious how the other four members of the group feel about that. The fact that Jonathan joined the reunion and then re-upped for this NKOTBSB thing strikes me as kind of weird, since both times I saw the reunion tour live, he seemed really ill at ease. He doesn’t appear to need the money. Regardless, it seemed to be an honest gaffe from Tiffany (now you know who not to trust with your secrets) and Jon appeared not to be bothered. Good for him.

I don’t hide the fact that I dislike “Glee”. I think the show reinforces dangerous stereotypes (the flamboyant gay, the loudmouth black girl), and the show’s near-constant use of Auto-Tune during the musical numbers irks me. Add in the fact that I’m just not a “musical” kind of guy (in the show tune sense, not in the all-encompassing sense, obviously), and…well you get it. Apparently Kings of Leon and Slash were among two of the bigger-name artists who have seen fit to not allow their music to be used on the hit TV show. Fine. Their choice, right? Well, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy doesn’t think so. In a recent interview, he called the KoL “self-centered assholes” and referred to Slash’s comments by saying that people who make remarks similar to his are uneducated and quite stupid”. Way to reinforce another stereotype, Ryan Murphy-that of a bitchy queen. Bottom line is-if people don’t want to allow their music to be used on your show, it’s not like you don’t have a wealth of other music to choose from. It’s their music, their choice. In response, Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill hilariously Tweeted that Ryan should “see a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra”. Are celebrity beefs hilarious or what?

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