Last week, I reported that British rapper Mike Skinner (AKA The Streets) was hanging up his trainers upon the release of his fifth album, Computers & Blues. What I did not realize was that the release of said album was literally right around the corner, with a February 7th release date. With under a month until the album’s release, now would be an appropriate time to unveil a first single and video, right?


“Going Through Hell” is the name of the song, and it’s a fairly prototypical Streets song. Skinner’s impenetrable accent over a beat that sounds like the chopped up remains of a ZZ Top record. He’s joined by a strangely familiar-looking bloke that I can’t quite place on the chorus. The video’s as interesting as a video that looks like it was made for $60 could possibly be. All they needed was Skinner mugging for the camera, along with a furry spider and a few shots of Mike showing off his un-LL-like upper body.

Nice first taste of Computers & Blues. I will definitely be looking forward to the album when it drops! As I mentioned in the last article, hopefully Mike doesn’t retire at all, but at least if he does, he’s going out with strong material.

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