It started with The White Stripes. Now, The Black Keys are the hottest band out.

Following in the heels of those two bands is Kentucky’s Cougar Ace Band.  Joel and Shawn have amassed a strong local following with their rockin’ sound (yeah, that sounds corny, but I can’t think of how else to describe it). Future plans include the recording of an album and taking their act nationwide, but they temporarily put those potential domination plans aside to sit down for a few questions with little ol’ me!! Damn, do I feel special?

Anyhow, read on to find out what the fellas think about the storied history of musical duos, see how much they love the state they currently reside in, and get to know which member loves flesh-tone socks.

1. Duos are all the rage these days. Would you consider yourself more of a Peaches & Herb or a Captain & Tennille?

Joel feels strongly about Captain and Tennille, he is often quoted as saying, “love will keep us alive,” (ed. note: The Captain & Tennille’s song is “Love Will Keep Us Together”. The Eagles sang “Love Will Keep Us Alive”. Close enough, though) not sure if that is a Captain and Tennille lyric or Joel simply has love in his heart.

2) Did you decide to name yourselves the Cougar Ace Band after witnessing the hook up between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Don’t believe the hype, those two kids are still crazy in love. The name of the band comes from a car carrier ship that listed with a bunch of cars on it, namely an Isuzu Elf that Joel bought. He always loved the name of the rig and purchased it in hopes of running a small furniture moving business. Since the Elf never made it, he decide to use that money for a new back-line of Marshall Amps.

3) You guys met at a library. That doesn’t seem like an especially rocking place.
Good point. Cougar Ace believes in growing where we are planted.

4) If I was my bandmate, the first thing I would change would be…

Shawn’s shoes and flesh tone socks. Joel has a real problem with the shoes and the type of socks Shawn wears. (Shawn didn’t mention changing anything about Joel. He must love him just the way he is).

5) You have a song entitled “Two Headed Girl”. Was this song written based on personal experience?
The song is inspired by an eyewitness account at a Florida airport.

6) If I only get to attend one Cougar Ace Band show in my lifetime, what would you most want me to leave the show saying?
Those guys really like playing.

7) If Pantera, The White Stripes and John Fogerty really met one another, who would be the last person standing? (me again: Cougar Ace has described their sound as Pantera meets the White Stripes meets John Fogerty. Didn’t want y’all to think that the question didn’t have any context!!)
Neither. John Wayne is always in charge and he wouldn’t tolerate any crap from anyone.

8) If “too loud is never enough”, then what happens when everyone goes deaf?
You don’t just hear, you feel it. We want the audience included on the experience of seeing us live. We love interaction. Why we are on Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace.

9) Kentucky or Ohio. If your life depended on your choosing one state, which would it be?
Kentucky. Doesn’t need any explanation.

10) What lyric best describes the reason you decided to make music?
I’m a rocker. I’m a roller. I’m a right-out-of controller. (Bon Scott)

Like what you saw in a video? Get your Cougar Ace fix by moseying on over to iTunes and picking up some of their music!

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