Time has been good to the guys of Duran Duran. Their new album, All You Need is Now, is their best album in at least a decade if not two. Looks like the members have a renewed energy, possibly thanks to producer Mark Ronson, who jumped into the wayback machine and put together the best approximation of the sound that made the boys from Birmingham superstars.

The “All You Need is Now” video surfaced recently, and while there are no boats on foreign islands or bizarre sci-fi fantasies, the clip is stylish as per Duran’s legacy, and the band members look great, even Simon, who’s rocking a beard these days and no longer resembles a beached whale (sorry, Simon).

Look for more Duran-related goodness on this site very soon, as me and a couple of friends are collaborating on a Blerd’s Notes Guide to Duran Duran that will be published in a few weeks!

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