So, my favorite song off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy finally gets a video, and the clip for “Monster” is just as bizarre as you would expect.

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj take over a haunted house, and while the resulting footage is a little less disturbing than one might expect given the treatment, maybe I’m just developing a stronger constitution with age.

My favorite part of the video has to be Nicki Minaj alternately torturing/straddling herself, but I have a couple questions:

A) What the hell is in Kanye’s mouth and can he chew with it? It barely looks like he can move his lips!

B) Where the hell is Justin Vernon? If you’re gonna credit Bon Iver, at least put him in the video. I guess he got the better end of the deal than Charlie Wilson, though. The Gap Band vocalist sings the entire end of the song and isn’t in the video or credited on the song itself.

Anyway, “Monster”, is a masterclass in music making, even if the video’s a little more “eh” than I expected.

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