I don’t have much time for Lil Wayne. I think he’s overrated-calling him the “Greatest Rapper Alive” does a complete disservice to at least a hundred other emcees who are nicer on the mic than he is and generally isn’t parroted by anyone who has even half a sense of hip-hop history. Furthermore, I think the guy’s a dick. Anyone who would publicly claim gang affiliation in a nationally publicized magazine interview deserves a cap in his ass. I try not to fuck with people who willfully participate (and revel) in the continued degradation of their own people.

Kicking my soapbox aside for a second, the first new music since Mr. Carter was released from jail has made it’s way onto the airwaves. “6,7” finds Wayne doing his usual punchline thing over a sick beat. I’ve gotta say, the production makes the song here. Next-big-thing Cory Gunz exhibits some serious skills on his too-short verse as well. Even though Weezy isn’t really my thing, and I don’t see myself buying Tha Carter IV when it comes out, “6, 7” ain’t bad as far as vapid, mainstream hip-pop goes.

Check it out on Funkmaster Flex’s website.

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