by Khendra Murdock

* What’s with the crazy win streaks lately? Dallas has an impressive 12 straight, Boston has 10 straight, Miami has 8, New Fricking York somehow has 8 (I guess that Amare signing worked out pretty well, huh?), and even Chicago is on a pretty good streak with 5 wins in a row. My guess to explain these streaks is that many teams are settling into a groove. We’re more than 20 games into the season, so we’re seeing teams swimming or sinking now that they’ve had time to respond to the metaphorical waters of the league. I predict we will see less overall parity this season than we’ve seen the last few years.

* As a Thunder fan, I am loving the Durant/Westbrook 1-2 punch, which will only get better. However, I will admit that this team, though very good and competitive, is simply not a title contender yet. Not only do they lack experience, they also lack efficient team rotation on defense. Rotating on defense is perhaps the most difficult thing to execute in all of basketball, but every championship team can do it come crunch time. Unfortunately for my Thunder, they tend to run around like they are drunk and confused when they have to make defensive switches.

* I love having DirecTV League Pass because I get to see teams many other people miss out on, like the Timberwolves. You wouldn’t believe how much smarter Michael Beasley is playing this year – he looks almost like a completely different player. Minnesota is still a pretty sucky team (ESPECIALLY on the road), but they aren’t getting blown out as often as they did last season. Of course, it’s also helping a lot that Kevin Love has turned into a total rebounding beast. If Minnesota’s backcourt wasn’t so atrocious, they’d be close to a .500 team. Still, they are surprisingly fun to watch.

* Rajon Rondo: 13.7 assists per game. The last time we saw a number that high? John Stockton, 1991-92. Need I say more?

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