Should I really be making light of T.I.’s incarceration??

Hell yeah. He’s an idiot.

America’s most incarcerated emcee is back. Well…not back, per se, because he’s in jail. But in between his last prison sentence (the one for purchasing firearms illegally) and his current prison sentence (drug possession/parole violation) he made an album. Said album was originally supposed to be entitled King Uncaged, but…well…his arrest threw a monkey wrench in that title. So now it’s called [amazon-product text=”No Mercy” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B003RDPYEO[/amazon-product]. I know I’m making fun, but T.I. has proven himself to be a pretty talented dude (if not the sharpest tool in the shed). I haven’t heard anything from the album yet that’s moved me (and it’s also had so many false starts that I don’t know what’s exactly on the album), but with guest spots from just about every A-list emcee in the game, it might just be worth checking out.

Tip has the most noteworthy of this week’s new releases, but he’s far from the only person with an album coming out. The December 7th release schedule has something for everyone. Whether you like peppy dance pop, Midwestern bro-rock, or one-hit wonders clawing desperately to potentially extend their fifteen minutes, you’re in luck, ’cause there’s a new album for you.

Natasha Bedingfield is best known for that “Unwritten” song, which made it’s way onto a shampoo commercial that still gets played every 3 1/2 minutes (Garnier Fructis, right?). Her brand of inoffensive dance pop has made her a mainstay on the singles chart, and her albums haven’t done that badly, either-she’s got two Gold plaques here in the States. The 21st century Olivia Newton-John’s latest effort is entitled Strip Me. No telling on which song from this album is gonna make it into a hair products commercial.

While I’m sure you’d like to forget that Hinder and “Lips of an Angel” existed (I still have nightmares about that damn song), both band and hit single are very, very real. All American Nightmare is the title of that rock band’s latest effort, and while I’m sure there’s nothing on there as atrocious as the song that made them famous, I still wouldn’t go near a Hinder album with a 10-foot pole. However, I’m sure there are plenty of cornfed bro-types who will consult this album in the event they need to write another forgiveness letter to their inbred girlfriend and don’t want to repeat the lyrics to “Lips of an Angel” again.

Hey-did you know Plain White T’s were still together? Do you even remember who Plain White T’s are? Three words for you, my friend: Hey, There, and Delilah. Have you stopped screaming in pain yet? They have a new album out as well (for the 7 of you who care).

More discriminating music fans will probably bypass those two titles in favor of 4X4=12, which may be mathematically incorrect, but is also the title of the new album by heavily blogged about/hyped by MTV dance artist DeadMau5. Electro-heads will also flip out over the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which doubles as the latest work by Daft Punk. After last week’s R&B bonanza, fans of adult soul who have any money left should scrape their pennies together for former Gap Band vocalist Charlie Wilson’s latest, Just Charlie, while Grammy-winning Amy Winehouse¬† knockoff Duffy is back with her sophomore effort, Endlessly.

Also in stores…the first new album by Redman in forever, an acoustic EP from Adam Lambert, a new one from popular Latin singer Juanes, and a new one by guitar hero Eric Johnson.

Want a full list of this week’s new releases? Head on over to Pause and Play, why don’tcha?

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