I’m not as big a Springsteen fan as, say,my friend Dave, but I’m certainly fond of the guy’s music, or at least fond enough that I’m compiling a list of my most-represented artists on iTunes and he figures pretty high on the list. He’s a fantastic songwriter, and one of the most passionate (in terms of performance and politics) artists in rock and roll history. Superfans of Bruce are diehard devoted to him, and the truth of the matter is that they don’t seem to make rock stars like The Boss anymore.

The “Darkness on the Edge of Town”/”Promise” package that came out a couple of weeks ago is THE reissue of 2010, and exclusively premiered a video for the “Promise” track “Ain’t Good Enough for You”. The song itself is one of those feel-good E Street Band songs that must be a blast to perform. The video clip contains studio footage of Bruce, the band and the studio folks clowning around.

Check out some additional studio footage below.

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