Why does every blogger who knows even a little about modern soul music go apeshit over Rahsaan Patterson? Because he’s THAT. FUCKING. GOOD. Mainstream America isn’t hip to him yet (and probably never will be-their loss), but if you think about modern soul’s greatest and most consistent voices, Rah is definitely up there. And unlike most contemporary soul stars, he hasn’t yet felt the need to take a ten year break so we can miss him-thank God.

Rahsaan’s new album, “Bleuphoria”, is due out next year, and he’s teasing us with the first single. “Easier Said Than Done” started circulating ’round the internets last week, and it’s a cool little electro-funk jam. His Stevie-meets-Chaka vocals are on full display here, and the song has enough of a groove that it got me out of my seat and dancing around in my PJs at…well, let’s just say it’s pretty early in the morning.

While you’re checking out the song, why don’t you also go over to Amazon and check out some sound clips from his Christmas album, [amazon-product text=”The Ultimate Gift” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B001B92F70[/amazon-product]. If you have even the slightest bit of holiday spirit, you will NOT be disappointed.

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