It’s amazing to think that the guy who started out being giggled at for being Denise Huxtable’s husband has gone on to have an enduring career that’s lasted for over two decades now. Lenny Kravitz went from laughingstock to near-legend by virtue of consistently solid albums and smoking live performances. He hasn’t done too much in terms of televised award show performances, but this run through “Are You Gonna Go My Way” from the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards is certainly worth watching. Joined by his longtime sideman Craig Ross on guitar and the powerhouse Cindy Blackman on drums (the current Mrs. Carlos Santana), Lenny is also accompanied by the legendary John Paul Jones, who took time out from collecting Led Zeppelin checks (and arranging strings for the likes of R.E.M.) to jam with Lenny and his crew.

This is a pretty sick performance. I’ve only seen Lenny live in person once (and it was definitely not his best night), but this alone should be proof that when he’s on, he’s on. It also serves as proof that he listened to a LOT of Zep as a kid…if the fact that “Rock & Roll is Dead” sounds exactly like Zep’s “Heartbreaker” isn’t enough.

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