Hype is a dangerous thing-as I’ve said before, we need to come to a place that’s more about showing and proving than talking about it.

So while the internets and the hip-hop tastemakers have been buzzing about Jay Electronica for something like two years now, I’m patiently waiting for the brother to actually release an album. Seems like we might be a little closer to that actually happening-Jay linked up with Jay-Z and became an official Roc Nation signee about two weeks ago. That signing apparently caused some hurt feelings on the part of Diddy, who was trying to sign Electronica to Bad Boy. Jay E. turned right around and released a song called “Shiny Suit Theory” (talk about wasting no time).  If you’re a hip-hop head, at the very least the musical backing will be familiar: Pete Rock & CL Smooth used the same  Ambassadors loop back in ’94 for “I Got a Love”.

Jigga joins Jay Electronica on the track, as does The-Dream. It’s a pretty solid track. Jay-Z’s been on a tear lyrically, and Electronica’s mellow flow actually calls to mind a more talented version of some of Diddy’s past signings like Ma$e and Loon. Hip-hop’s been on a roll lately. I’ve been tallying up my favorite albums of the year so far, and hip-hop’s got a greater presence than it has in years. Ya never know…if Electronica keeps making tracks like this, he just might end up on my Best of List for 2011.

As a bonus, here’s Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “I Got a Love”

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