When the Santa Barbara police department issued a warrant for Michael Jackson’s arrest in 2003, the King of Pop was in Las Vegas shooting the video for “One More Chance”, the one new track from his compilation “Number Ones”. Up until now, my assumption was always that the clip had been left incomplete.

Well…”One More Chance” is making it’s official debut next week as part of the new DVD box set “Vision”, and I can’t really say whether it was completed or not. Either way, there’s a reason the video was never released while Michael was alive, and after watching it, I’m not so sure MJ would have wanted it released after his death.

The clip itself is kind of underwhelming…Michael dancing on tables and then jumping down to touch the hands of the crowd that has gathered to see him. It’s not especially visually compelling-same old dance moves (just made stranger because they’re being performed to a ballad) and, much like with the “You Rock My World” video, close shots of Michael’s face are obviously avoided.

Of course, the “One More Chance” video is a red herring-designed to convince MJ fans to buy a set containing tons of videos they already own. However, the existence of the internet means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the clip without plunking down thirty dollars. Viva la internet!

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