As much as I try to be open minded (except when it comes to the Black Eyed Peas), I still have a little bit of a music snob in me. So I always feel a sense of pride when an artist or record that I was an early supporter of becomes successful. I can stick my chest out a little bit for being ahead of the curve when it comes to Adele. I actually bought the British chanteuse’s debut album “19” as an import several months before it was released on these shores. Two years and change later, Adele is set to release her second album, “21”, with a Platinum record and a Best New Artist Grammy in hand.

What I like about Adele is that her music has a timeless quality to it-her songs could have been hits 30 years ago and they can probably be hits 30 years from now. She’s not a slave to nostalgia and although the popularity of Amy Winehouse may have led to her having an easier road to success in America, she’s not an assembly-line Xerox (like, for example, Duffy).

“Rolling in the Deep” is “21”‘s first single, and it doesn’t stray far from the blueprint that made “19” such a success. It’s a little more upbeat, but it’s perfectly suited to Adele. The fact that this song is so good is a pretty solid indicator that Adele is going to avoid the sophomore jinx.

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