Part of the fun of listening to a Girl Talk record is finding all the bits and pieces of different songs that he mixes into his mash-ups. Part of the fun is also marveling at how he’s able to make all these little snippets sound so cohesive. “Night Ripper” and “Feed the Animals” stay in my iTunes rotation, not only because I’m a music nerd of the first order (and I also like puzzles–go figure), but because they’re fucking GOOD.

Girl Talk’s latest effort, “All Day”, is now available for free on Illegal Art’s website. I’m assuming this will be released on CD at some point (as his previous efforts were), but this is pretty cool news to wake up to in the morning, yeah? There’s also gonna be a list of samples posted on the site, but I’d rather try to figure it all out myself and then compare (yes, I’m a geek, I get it).

Download “All Day” here

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