As promised last week, Michael Jackson’s website premiered the track “Breaking News” on the late superstar’s website today. There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle (that word again) amongst the executors of his estate and his relatives as to whether that’s legitimately Michael’s voice on the song. Initially, I thought it was just another way to drum up publicity for a project that doesn’t really need one.

Then, I listened to the song.

Look, I’m not audio expert. However, I am someone who is quite familiar with the intricacies and tics of Michael Jackson’s singing voice. And I gotta be honest-I’m not totally sure that’s him singing. Whether they mixed Michael’s voice with someone else’s or it’s totally someone else’s voice, I can’t say…but to my ears, something’s funky-and not in a good way!

Even if that is Michael himself singing, “Breaking News” doesn’t exactly do him any favors. It’s the type of media persecution song that has been a constant theme in his music for over two decades. Granted, if anyone had the right to make records about being treated like crap by the press, it was him. But damn, enough’s enough. Production-wise, it’s a little bit dated as well. Actually, the production of the song makes it sound like more of an MJ song than the actual vocals do!!

What do you think?

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