In the late Eighties and early Nineties, New Kids on the Block sold tons of records to a fanbase largely consisting of teenage and pre-teen girls. Ten years later, the Backstreet Boys sold tons of records to the same fanbase. Fast-forward another ten years, and most of those girls who were in that age range now have pre-teen and teenage girls of their own. Meanwhile, their moms are anxious to relive their youth. Conscious of all of this, the New Kids and BSB will be teaming up for a summer 2011 tour that is sure to break some sort of screaming-girl sound barrier.

My inexplicable soft spot for the NKOTB has been recounted on this site before. While I enjoy a handful of BSB tunes, I don’t  have the same fondness for that particular group. Seeing as I’ve already caught the New Kids on tour twice, I’ll probably sit this tour out, but I don’t think this ticket is gonna be hurting for fans.

The two groups will be on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show next Monday (11/8) and they will also be performing on the American Music Awards in two weeks. Women, prepare to be moist!

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