Ten years ago, *Nsync shattered records when their second proper album, “No Strings Attached”, sold 2.4 million records in it’s first week. An impressive total, to be sure, but did anyone really think that any members of the group would still be relevant ten years later? After all, teeny bopper artists tend to have fairly short shelf lives.

Lo and behold, we’re almost in 2011, and Justin Timberlake is not only still relevant, he’s still flourishing in multiple mediums! His rep is set as a musician, with two smash solo albums and 6 Grammy Awards. He’s also picked up a pair of Emmys and c0-starred in a movie that opened at #1 at the box office (“The Social Network”). It’s safe to say that JT has left his boy band days far, far FAR behind him.

But what of Justin’s *Nysnc brethren? We know Lance Bass came out of the closet, and Joey hosts “The Singing Bee” (right? or is it “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”?). However, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez seem to have fallen completely off the radar. In the latter case, I can say that he’s missed, at least by me. He was a much stronger vocalist than Justin (or I should say they were apples and oranges), and his one solo effort, “Schizophrenic”, was an admirable effort that might have been a little too eclectic for it’s own good.

Pop, dance, funk, ballads-JC took a stab at just about everything, staying true to his album title. Sometimes it worked (the Police pastiche “Everything You Want”), sometimes it didn’t (“All Day Long I Dream About Sex” tried a little too hard).  Dude even scored a cameo from the ODB. However, if I had to choose between either of Justin’s solo albums and “Schizophrenic”? I’d probably go with JC, and if you gave it a listen, you just might, too.

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