It seems like we’ve been waiting on Lupe Fiasco’s third album, “Lasers”, for quite some time now. The Chicago rapper has also been openly feuding with his record label (Atlantic) for a minute. However, it looks like things have been resolved for the time being, and “Lasers” will be released next spring.

To tease his upcoming release, a single called “The Show Goes On” has surfaced. I know I’m quick to praise any rapper who’s not talking the same old shit about drug-dealing and/or violence these days, but Lupe (who’s always had a golden-era hip-hop vibe about him) deserves props for inspirational, positive lyrics that sound heartfelt and not corny. I’m not sure if this was a calculated move or not, but the fact that the chorus interpolates Modest Mouse’s breakthrough hit “Float On” is pretty genius as well. Take one of my favorite rappers, sprinkle in one of my favorite rock bands, and the end result is an album that I’m looking even more forward to now.

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