I’ll keep it 100 with y’all. I have NO attention span. Having to focus my eyes on a music video for more than a half hour? I wouldn’t be able to do that unless Michael Jackson came back from the dead and is resurrected into his 1988-era self. So when it comes to ‘Ye, an artist who I’m significantly less of a fanboy of than MJ, I just can’t do it. So below, find the 4 1/2 minute version of “Runaway”, which looks a lot like his “Saturday Night Live” performance of the song a couple of weeks ago…ballerinas and everything.

I must admit that I’m a little scared of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. “Runaway” is a decent song, but it’s not great, and much of the G.O.O.D. Friday stuff I’ve heard so far (a good chunk of which will actually make it onto the album) has also fallen into that good but not great category. Furthermore, Kanye’s Twitter ramblings have had a grating effect on me. I try to separate art from the artist as much as I can, but hearing this dude whine has left me a little cold to his music (although I’m pretty sure that would change if he put out a couple of songs as good as anything on “College Dropout” or “Late Registration”).

Anyway, you can always go over to YouTube and check out the full version of “Runaway”. Four minutes is good enough for me.

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