Every once in a while a song comes around and leaves you completely speechless. John Legend’s “Ordinary People” is one such song. Most people, however, don’t know that the song that introduced Legend to most people (’cause, let’s face facts…”Used to Love U” wasn’t a big hit) was co-written by will.i.am. Allegedly, the song was being considered for a Black Eyed Peas project (which I totally can’t fathom) and a decision was made to use it on Legend’s debut album “Get Lifted” instead. It won Legend a Grammy award and kick started his career.

John and Will have worked several times since, most notably for three of the better songs of Legend’s sophomore effort, “Once Again”: first single “Save Room” as well as the excellent album tracks “Coming Home” and “Slow Dance”. Both men seem to bring out the best in one another; hopefully they plan on working together again.

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