Did you like “No Line on the Horizon”? I wasn’t too crazy about it. “Horizon” marked one of the few times I’ve ever been disappointed by a U2 album. I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but it certainly wasn’t as good as the two studio albums that preceded it, and it certainly didn’t receive the sycophantic fawning-over that it got from the Rolling Stone folks. I’d imagine the public mostly agreed with my line of thinking, seeing as the album made a quick exit from the top of the charts.

Well, according to reports, U2 have decided to rethink things a little bit, and they’re currently prepping no less than THREE albums for upcoming release. One album is proposed to feature the music for the Broadway version of “Spider-Man” (can someone be a U2 fan and a comics fan AND a Broadway fan? I guess we’ll find out), one album is a dance music-oriented album (hey, I liked “Lemon”) that might feature will.i.am (sigh), and the album I’m most excited about will largely be helmed by Danger Mouse. From Gorillaz to Broken Bells to the Black Keys to Sparklehorse, there’s not one thing Danger Mouse has done that I hasn’t been at the very least interesting. This is good news and a great sign that the biggest rock band on the planet isn’t resting on their laurels as they cruise through their fourth decade as a recording unit.

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