For Blerd Radio’s 9th episode, I’m joined for the second consecutive show by Grampaw Jimmy. We’re also joined by my friend P. Dizzle, who decided to call in from the Left Coast and drop a little science on our asses.

The first half of the show takes a serious tone, as we discuss the recent spate of bullying/homophobia-related suicides that have taken place. We discuss the bullying that’s taken place in our own lives, and the two people on the podcast who have children (hint: I’m not one of them) discuss how they are taking steps to make sure their kids don’t get caught in the crossfire. There’s not a lot of laughs as per your usual Blerd Radio episode, but it’s worth a listen.

The laughs return full force for the episode’s second half. Among the various topics discussed

-Who made that list of the songs that most make men cry?
-Do kids nowadays still slow dance?
-Will I get sued by Bon Jovi for using 20 seconds of “Never Say Goodbye”?
-Should legendary bands reunite?
-Why would anyone pay money to buy a flowerpot hat?
-There’s also a conversation about some dude from Devo’s balls. Oh, and Bell Biv DeVoe.

Enjoy the show!

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