I’ll admit, I was hella curious about the press conference Prince planned for Friday evening at the historic Apollo Theatre in New York City. Visions danced through my head of several different scenarios: a Revolution reunion, a massive (and long overdue) reissue project (which would mean making nice with the honchos at Warner Brothers), another tour with the reformed (and allegedly making a new album) Time?

Nah, none of that happened.

Prince did announce that he will be headlining a concert series entitled “Welcome 2 America”. The dates  haven”t been announced yet, and it’s a little unclear as to whether “America” will be several dates at one venue or whether it will be a more traditional tour, but it will include an eclectic array of artists including jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding, chanteuse Cassandra Wilson, funky space cadet Janelle Monae, and longtime Prince cohorts Maceo Parker and Sheila E.

I haven’t seen Prince live yet, and I’m not certain this announcement flips my “Go See Prince!” switch, either. Obviously, seeing a Prince show in 2010 will be much different than having seen a Prince show in 1980, or 1988, or 1995. Plus, stuffing the lineup with a sea of artists I’m fairly ambivalent about doesn’t give me any extra enticement. I also wonder how astronomical the ticket prices will be.  With details not fully sketched out, I’ll be waiting to see if any more enticing news seeps from the mouth of the Purple Yoda.

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