Kanye West is pissed, as usual. Apparently, Def Jam execs have nixed his proposed artwork for his new album, “My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy”.  The album art appears to depict two beings having sex. Both beings are nude, and the female being has her breasts exposed. Um…hello. When did that become appropriate to show publicly in record stores?

Look, I’m as open-minded as they come. I personally don’t have an issue with the art. But I totally understand how others might, and if I was taking my kids into a record store (if I had kids), I wouldn’t feel comfortable allowing them to see that particular piece of art. Of course, nudity on an album cover is not a novel concept, with the two most commonly known instances of nudity on album cover being Nirvana’s “Nevermind” and Prince’s “Lovesexy”. Both albums had their own issues when it came to being positioned in record stores, and neither of those covers had a sexual element to them. Of course, there’s the option to use alternative artwork (give retailers a choice), or slide the offending painting elsewhere in the album artwork. Of course, there’s also the possibility that this is just a typical industry stunt designed to drum up publicity and make the 2 people on Earth unaware that Kanye has a new album coming out that Kanye does, indeed, have a new album coming out.

Y’all know I rep hard for Kanye usually, but in this particular instance, I’m siding with Def Jam/Universal, and the fact that ‘Ye is whining about it actually kind of annoys me. Dude, I know it’s hard, but shut the fuck up for a second and let your talent speak for itself.

You can see the artwork for yourself after the jump.

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