One thing a lot of folks forget when thinking about John Lennon is the fact that the man had a helluva sense of humor. Actually, all the Beatles did (and you thought “Yellow Submarine” was only funny on account of the drugs involved).

Through the power of YouTube, I was able to unearth this clip from the 1974 Grammys, back when I was -2 1/2 years old. That’s a minus, folks.

Host Andy Williams announced John and Paul Simon to present the award for Record of the Year. All three men are in top comic form (and yes, Paul Simon really is that short. I’ve met him in person). The nominees themselves are pretty top-shelf. Three of the records nominated are bona-fide classics, and while the other two songs (including the one that eventually won the prize) are a bit more lightweight, they’re still solid frothy pop.

Stick around for the entire clip-comic gold, I tell ya.

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