You know how some artists put out Greatest Hits albums, and you’re like “they haven’t even been around long enough for one of these”? Well, that was my first thought when I heard Pink (or P!nk) was putting out a hits compilation this fall. However, as hard as it might be for some folks to believe, Pink is five albums deep into a career that’s now going into it’s second decade. She smartly survived the whole teen pop explosion and mounted a successful comeback when her career appeared to be on the ropes a few years back. Certainly good reason to celebrate, right?

Well, “Raise Your Glass” is nothing if not celebratory. It’s not Pink’s finest hour-actually, it’s kind of a throwaway song. But it’s at least a fun throwaway. Pink is certainly capable of tackling meatier material, and I hope that when she returns to the studio for real she puts her talented voice and pen to better use, but you can’t be serious all the time, right?

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