Some people are more talented than they’re given credit for. I dug Nelly Furtado when she first came out because she went against the grain a little bit. She had some hippie-chick in her, but she added a little bit of flavor to that hippie vibe. “I’m Like a Bird” was quirky and cool, but she sounded equally at home on the “Get Ur Freak On” remix with Missy Elliott. After a relatively unsuccessful second album, “Folklore” (which is actually REALLY good), Nelly took some time off, had a kid, and then sold out a little bit. In this case, it wasn’t a bad thing. “Loose” is easily one of the 5 best albums that Timbaland has played a major part in, and she kept her individuality by exploring reggaeton, cutting a song with Juanes and recording with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Besides, Timbo was kind of in a career lull when “Loose” came out, so it’s safe to say she helped him as much as he helped her.

Since “Loose”‘s double platinum success, Nelly has laid a bit low. She released a Spanish music album last year, and now she’s returned…sounding like freaking Cascada? “The Night is Young” is either the launch track for a greatest hits album or a new studio album (I’m not sure which), but, to put it simply, it’s way beneath Nelly and sounds more like a throwaway track than anything else. Rumor has it that she’s working with Salaam Remi (Nas, Amy Winehouse) on this new record, and I’m positive that their collaboration will yield much better results than this piece of hot club garbage. Check it out for yourself.

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