Cake may be kind of a one-note band, but damn it, that one note is glorious!! John McCrea and his boys have been away for far too long, but they’ve been in the limelight lately thanks to the magic of licensing. “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” has been given a new life via those iPod ads, and just like that, Cake is back with their first single in six years, called “Sick of You”.  All of the elements of classic Cake are still here-McCrea’s dry delivery, a hooky, repetitive chorus and those signature horns (even though they don’t really pop up until the song’s almost over). I was fortunate enough to catch them live a couple years back, and definitely hope they come through on tour again now that they have a new record to promote! The band’s next studio album, “Showroom of Compassion”, is scheduled for a January 2011 release.

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