Today’s installment of Award Show Sundays comes to you sorta by accident. I was searching for clips of James Taylor on music award shows, and couldn’t find any footage of him winning anything. The only things that came up were his performance of “Sweet Baby James” from 2003 or so, and the clip I bring you today, which comes from the 1986 ceremony. A very, very dapper JT (the scarf was a very nice touch) and a pretty Linda Ronstadt from the time in between her days as a sex symbol and her days as a porker present the award for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Male.

The nominees are pretty stellar too. Sting, Glenn Frey, Phil Collins, Paul Young and Stevie Wonder. It’s pretty interesting to see who gets the most screams as the nominees are announced (close call between PC and Stevie). Phil wins the award and delivers an acceptance speech that straddles the line between goofy and touching. He also tops off his suit with some dirty-ass sneakers. Was this the beginning of dressing down at the Grammys? Phil would go on to win Album of the Year at this show for the excellent [amazon-product text=”No Jacket Required” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B000002IHQ[/amazon-product], the album that delivered superstardom to his doorstep.

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