This is by FAR the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.’s latest viral clip features “Let’s Make a Deal” host/Grammy nominated R&B singer Wayne Brady appearing in a seriously authentic revision of Bobby Brown’s classic 1989  video for “Every Little Step”. Not that the video took a lot of trouble to recreate. All you need is some video chicks, a white background and those big-ass block letters. The biggest expense was probably the recreation of the wardrobe, although I must say that the bike shorts looked retarded then and they look even more retarded now. Putting this video over the top is a co-starring appearance from the legendary Mike Tyson, who proves that his footwork outside the ring definitely doesn’t match up well with his moves in the ring (Brady, on the other hand, is a surprisingly good dancer).  There’s also a cameo from Bobby himself. I’m gonna venture a guess and say that his outfit from the original video had to be let out a few sizes in order to fit. Anyway, as you complete your work week, this should give you a good belly laugh.

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