Since we’re in the home stretch of this week’s 5ive, it should be obvious that there are certain qualities I find incredibly attractive (and not just in the female species). Most important to me? A good sense of humor, the ability to be self-deprecating, and intelligence. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re cute and have a nice pair of boobies. Well, OK. That last one I only find incredibly attractive in the female species.

This leads me to the woman who finds herself in the runner-up spot. As the former host of E’s “Talk Soup”, she’s made me dream intermittently of a foursome featuring her, Greg Kinnear and Joel McHale. She broke the color line on “Friends” (a show that proved something we all know-New York City has no people of color whatsoever), and she even loves Kanye (as evidenced by her guest turn on ‘Ye’s “Slow Jamz”. Finally, she took my man GG‘s favorite term and turned it into a song.

Aisha Tyler, you are awesome.

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