The finalists for nomination into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2011 have been announced, and a wildly eclectic group finds themselves in contention. Several artists up for nomination this year have been knocking on the HOF’s door for eons, while some artists find themselves vying for the prestigious honor for the first time. One thing that you can’t really argue-just about every artist on this list is a certified legend.

15 artists are vying for the 5 available spots, and they are (in alphabetical order): shock-rock pioneer Alice Cooper, rap/rock legends The Beastie Boys, long-lasting hair band Bon Jovi, Chic (disco’s classiest…and most studio-proficient band), songwriter-turned adult contemporary stalwart Neil Diamond, hippie prototype Donovan (and father of Ione Skye, who was once married to the Beasties’ Ad-Rock, nice way for this year’s nominees to fold into one another), New Orleans mainstay Dr. John, Boston badasses the J. Geils Band, hip-hop romeo (and current TV star) LL Cool J, girl-group singer Darlene Love, soulful singer-songwriter Laura Nyro, dance/pop queen Donna Summer, R&B shouter Joe Tex, raspy-voiced crit-fave Tom Waits, and early rock performer Chuck Willis.

Random note: Boston is getting represented lovely with this year’s nominations. Not only are J. Geils Band and Donna Summer local acts, but as I’m sure you know, “Sweet Caroline” is damn near the Red Sox theme song.

I’ve got my opinions (obviously) about who should go in out of these artists and who WILL go in, but…that’ll have to wait a day or two until I can think these out clearly. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to talk amongst yourselves. Who deserves to be in out of these artists? Who’s gotten snubbed again? (Kiss and Rush fans, your turn to speak).

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