Most of you might think of Norah Jones and fall asleep instantaneously. After all, if all you know of her is from her debut album, “Come Away With Me”-you know, the album that sold eleventy billion copies and won 48 Grammy Awards a few years ago, then your impression is that she’s like a female Harry Connick or Michael Buble. However, the lady some people still call Snorah Jones is a lot more multi-layered than that. She’s recorded with everyone from Dolly Parton to Q-Tip and fit in perfectly with both artists. While her voice may be a little sleepy, it’s also slyly seductive. She’s absolutely gorgeous (young women of Indian extraction are almost uniformly beautiful), she lives in Brooklyn (at least, she lived in Brooklyn…do you think she got the hell out of Williamsburg when it was infiltrated by the hipsters?), and most importantly…she can laugh at herself. One would think that Norah would be the most boring (or cagey/evasive) interview subject of all time, but the handful of magazine articles I’ve read about her have revealed her to be extremely self-aware, grounded and funny. I respect that in anyone, but especially someone who’s had the notoriety she’s had, and at such a young age. However, there’s one thing in particular that puts me over the top in regards to my love for Norah Jones (and in case pigs fly and she sees this, I’ll put it after the jump so she doesn’t have to see it and potentially dredge up bad memories.

The dude in the picture? His name is Lee Alexander. He used to play bass in Norah’s band. He also dated Norah for quite some time. He’s fucking hot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of him with his beard, which is how I first noticed him (it might have been when she appeared on “Saturday Night Live”. Oh man, I would have sold portions of my record collection to watch them have sex. Lee Alexander, I don’t know what your situation right now is, but if you find yourself single and feel the need to play for the other team, send me an email, OK? Norah, we can still be friends, though. I’ll be in Brooklyn soon and we can grab a beer or whatever. Because you’re a cool chick-with or without your dreamy-ass ex boyfriend.

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