Today, let’s go back in the wayback machine to 1983. Your presenters? The long-winded Quincy Jones (who thankfully, decided not to editorialize while making his presentation) and the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer? The category? Best Pop Vocal Performance by a female. The nominees? My girl Bolivia Neutron-Bomb, Linda Ronstadt (singing a toothpaste commercial), Laura Branigan, Melissa Manchester, and Juice Newton.

Random questions:

Is Donna that tall or is Q that short?

I knew Donna was from New England, but I didn’t realize that she sounded like Lois Griffin when she spoke

Watch Donna stumble over the name of the eventual winner, and watch the eventual winner’s good natured reaction to having her incredibly long song’s title muffed.

Whoever that dude is sitting behind Linda Ronstadt, he sure is bored. Eddie Murphy, seated behind Melissa Manchester, looks equally bored. That guy was probably grateful as hell  when he realized that had he been seated behind Ronstadt just a few short years later, he probably wouldn’t have been able to see around her.

And the winner is??? Well, watch the clip to find out!

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