Believe it or not, Kenny G. was not always a purveyor of bland elevator music. His first couple of albums had a little bit of bounce to them. They were more in line with the dance-flavored R&B music that was poppin’ on the radio and the clubs, thanks to collaborators like writer/producer Kashif (more on him in a more recent column).

I didn’t hear “Hi, How Ya Doin’?” for the first time until checking it out on a compliation a couple years ago, but it’s a pretty slammin’ track. Who’d have thought the G-man could groove?

I didn’t know there was a VIDEO for “Hi, How Ya Doin’?” until I started researching this list. All I can say is…wow. Not only does a young, short-haired Kenny bear almost no resemblance to the man we know and l…well, to the man we know today, but Kenny even busts a move in this clip. You think that after he became the biggest thing since sliced bread in the early Nineties he might have wanted to bury this video? Personally, I think it would’ve actually given him a little bit of cred! Judge for yourself!

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