Y’all know that I’m a sucker for a dude with an acoustic guitar or a piano, right? I didn’t know much about Matt White when I picked up his latest album, “It’s the Good Crazy”, but the guy has a decent backstory-piano prodigy and everything. He was discovered by Geffen Records via his MySpace page (how very 2006!!), they signed him, nothing stuck, they dropped him, and now he’s on the indie trail…which is probably where he should have started in the first place. “Good Crazy” isn’t a bad album, mind you, but this guy is in a SUPER crowded lane, and when there are tons of people fighting for a limited amount of spots, only the strong survive. You have to either have serious instrumental skills, be an amazing songwriter, be ridiculously attractive, have a wicked hooky song, or become a tabloid fixture in order to get over (and usually you have to be some combination of those five). It doesn’t appear (yet) as though Matt has any of those things going for him. Decent (or even good) doesn’t get you incredibly far.

Anyhoo, check out my review of the album here, and since it doesn’t look like there are any videos yet from his new album, why don’t you check out one of the clips he was able to make with major label money (actually, it’s a live performance…probably didn’t cost all that much)!

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