So I went onto Michael Jackson’s website after noticing on Facebook that the trailer for his new video game premiered. Not that I would’ve bought the “Michael Jackson Experience” game, anyway. I’m not exactly the type of guy that plays dance games (although I played Dance Dance Revolution once…but it was during the holidays and I was with my family!). I’m sure my downstairs neighbors are quite thankful for that.

I dunno…the game doesn’t look all that exciting to me. It’s basically repeating the choreography for his routines? Meh. I can think of many, many better uses of my time and money (under the assumption that the game will be fifty bucks or more). Hell, for the price of a couple beers I can go to a karaoke bar and rock out MJ style, and I won’t have to be around those insufferably gorgeous, plastic-smiling people like in the commercial, either.

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