Things I never thought I’d be writing in 2010…

…MAN, the new Rick Astley song is good!

Most people haven’t heard anything about Rick Astley that wasn’t the punchline to a joke since 1993 or so, although he’s continued to make music and release it overseas. However, with the new song “Lights Out”, I think he might have a chance to make an impact again on American shores. The song’s as good as anything on the radio right now, and I’ve always been pretty impressed with Rick’s voice-NO one can say the guy can’t carry a tune. Anthemic soft rock seems to suit the man as well as dance-pop did, and I’ve gotta say, he barely appears to have aged in twenty years (although when you resemble Archie Andrews, that may not necessarily be a good thing).

Turns out the song’s been available on iTunes since June. Where the hell have I been? I wonder if there will be a Stateside release for Rick’s new album?

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