I’m not quite sure why folks don’t like Vampire Weekend (who I’m going to see in concert this weekend…PSYCHED!). I think they’re great for what they are. They don’t aspire to change rock ‘n roll, they just want to make good music and have fun (and drop highbrow literary references along the way). Anyway, in a move that’s sure to receive tons of lip curls and obnoxious remarks from rock snobs the world over, Ezra Koenig and co. recently covered one of my favorite Springsteen songs-1984’s “I’m Goin’ Down”. VW’s version is a little rough around the edges, and I also find it a little safe. I was kinda hoping that they’d synth it up or do something a little unconventional, especially since The Boss is such a sacred cow. Still, they do a decent enough job with the song-nothing’s ever gonna top the original anyway.

Check out their performance on Stereogum.

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