I feel like every time I write something about Kanye West I end up spending more time explaining WHY I like him so much than actually talking about the guy’s music. You know what? Time to stop the explanations. The most talented all-around hip-hop artist of the past decade has reconfigured his song “Power” to hit a million times harder than the already pretty hard-hitting original.

Everything about this song is A+ material: from Jay-Z’s tight verse (why is Jigga dropping big-brother advice on EVERY song he does nowadays?) to the crazy beat switch-up 2/3 in. Kanye lights the track on fire simply by being himself-talking shit, bragging, dropping a little science and finally tackling Taylor-gate straight on. I could do without the random talking from Swizz Beatz, but that’s the most minor of quibbles. The album’s coming soon-can ‘Ye go a perfect 5 for 5? We’ll see in the fall. Meanwhile feast on some more Black superhero music!

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