Cee-Lo is kinda sorta one of music’s best kept secrets. Starting out as the nimble-tongued rapper/singer of Atlanta hip-hoppers Goodie Mob (and an obvious musical and sartorial influence on OutKast’s Andre 3000) and progressing through two excellent (though unheralded) solo albums through his brief turn in the pop sunshine as 1/2 of Gnarls Barkley, my man has been bringing heat for over fifteen years. And I think he has just recorded and released my favorite song of the year.

Sure, it’s vulgar (if you buy the somewhat twisted logic that there’s a real difference between saying “screw you” and “fuck you” beyond social acceptance). But the vulgarity isn’t pointless-actually, it’s kinda perfect. This one’s for everyone out there who’s gotten burned by someone and wishes the best for them outwardly (although inwardly you wish they would get hit by a bus). Well, it’s also for everyone out there who’s gotten burned by someone and just wants them to get hit by a bus.

BTW, there’s a link on this Youtube clip to download the song, but that doesn’t seem entirely legal. When this song pops up on iTunes or when Cee-Lo’s album comes out, get two or three of ’em. Support real music (and if you don’t…then FUCK YOU!!)

Check out Cee-Lo’s website. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this song?

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