To paraphrase Michael Jackson at the ’93 Grammys, Kanye West has gone from “where is he?” to “here he is again”. In just the past month or so, he has been behind one of the more entertaining Twitter pages in recent memory, he has released an interesting “video” for the song “Power”, and he has changed the title to his fifth studio album about 50 times.

I’m not sure what the story is behind “See Me Now”. It doesn’t appear to have leaked without permission, but Kanye says it’s not finished. The song itself has gotten quite a bit of criticism, and truthfully, it leaves me a little underwhelmed. Despite the fact that ‘Ye spits some of his tightest verses ever on the song, it could use a 2 or 3-minute edit. The extraneous crowing Kanye does at the end of the track is unnecessary. Actually, Beyonce is unnecessary. She adds nothing to the song (except for Kanye’s hilarious reference to Taylor-gate towards the end of the track). It sounds like she was just shoehorned in so that either a) the song would be more palatable to pop radio and/or b) Kanye could say that line. Not to say “See Me Now” is as bad as everyone says it is-it’s just mediocre. And Kanye West isn’t someone I generally accept mediocrity from, know what I’m saying?

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