A week or so ago, I let you guys know that a reissue of George Michael’s classic solo debut “Faith” was on deck and scheduled for release later this year.

Well, that reissue now has a release date of September 21st, and it looks like there will also be a limited edition version of the album with some super-duper extra material that almost justifies it’s relatively healthy price tag.

According to George’s website, the limited-edition, hand-numbered special edition of “Faith” includes a remastered version of the Grammy winning classic, PLUS a disc of remixes and B-sides (which I’m assuming will appear on the regular remastered version), PLUS a DVD featuring a vintage George interview and 7 remastered videos PLUS a hardcover book featuring a new interview with George and rare pictures PLUS a vinyl replica of the album PLUS a merchandise assortment that includes replicas of tickets to the “Faith” tour.

All in all, not bad. Not totally sure that I’ll spring for this, but the fact that I’m considering it should let you know how much of a fan of this album I am. Get more details (or just preorder the damn thing) by clicking here.

Check out the video below for a taste of George Michael’s 2008 concert tour (which I regrettably missed). At some point he says that Brits dance better than Americans. Either he hasn’t seen one of his own videos, or the drugs were talking LOUD that night.

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