Why am I even bothering to write one of these up this week? Ain’t jack dookie in record stores this week. I often wonder why the folks that schedule release dates don’t spread the wealth a little more. Weeks will go by with minimal new release action, then there’ll be a day when 5 or 6 albums that I want come out. Seems like it’s either feast or famine.

Oh, that guy Mike Posner (whoever the hell he is) has an album coming out this week. Otherwise? Crickets.

So, while the industry is in a state of slumber for the next couple of weeks (OK, well, the next week-at LEAST), here’s something to tide you over-a quick and dirty guide to my favorite albums of the year so far (with video accompaniment, of course):

If you get one album this year, please let it be Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’m New Here”. Check out the remix of “New York is Killing Me” featuring Nas.

The Roots continue their streak of awesomeness with “How I Got Over”. I’m not quite sure I follow the video for “The Fire”, but the album is good nevertheless.

It took me an unnecessarily long time to get into the Black Keys. What the hell was I sleeping on? “Brothers” is an absolute must-have.

Y’all all know I’m a sucker for some Vampire Weekend. “Contra” isn’t as good as their excellent debut album, but it comes pretty damn close!

I’d also throw Big Boi in the mix, along with the Nas & Damian Marley collaboration album, plus B.O.B., RJD2 (hip-hop has had an amazing fucking year), Sade’s “Soldier of Love”, Band of Horses, and probably a couple more I either can’t remember off the top of my head or just haven’t been able to dig into yet. Not bad, with 1/3 of the year to go, huh?

What are some of your favorites so far this year?

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