One of these guys will not be on the reunion album.

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I’m Mr. Super-Duper Van Halen fan. I’m also not gonna sit here and throw shade at Sammy Hagar. Quite frankly, as someone who was 8 when David Lee Roth left the band, I’m more familiar with Van Hagar than I am with the Roth-fronted version of the band. Truth be told, I actually ENJOY a lot of Van Hagar’s material. Either way, the rumor circulating that Roth and the Van Halen family (Eddie, Alex and Wolfie) are recording new material makes me a little ill inside.

The decision for that foursome to tour made a lot of sense. It was their first tour with Roth as vocalist in two decades. Roth, even at his age, is still a first rate live performer. But a record? I’m not sure if that’s in the best interests of the band. I mean, what could David Lee Roth possibly have to say on record that wouldn’t make him look like a first class skeeve (keep in mind that there’s a difference between a lecherous young dude and a creepy old guy)? Does a new Van Halen album mean anything to anyone? I mean, if less than a million people bought “Chinese Democracy”, how hard is a new VH album gonna flop?

My suggestion: guys, stick to the stage, stay off wax. Some bands are meant to just deliver the hits.

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