Every once in a while, the Pitchfork types get it right. Arcade Fire’s one of those bands that the music snobs go absolutely apeshit for, and with good reasons. Their sound is epic and catchy at the same time. So it’s kinda strange that the first words I read about their new album, “The Suburbs”, came in the form of a bad review. Then again, it’s not like Boston’s Weekly Dig is a hallmark of music journalism, anyway. They sort of live and die by the smarmy remark. Anyway, if you don’t buy “Suburbs”, Win Butler might throw a basketball in your face or something. It’s the highlight of yet another week release week (what, has everyone taken the summer off in the music business?)

How much more can Lady Gaga’s “The Fame” be milked? Funny you should ask. “The Remix” comes out today and it features ten reconstructions of hit singles from “The Fame” and “The Fame: Monster”. Next up? Lady GaGa presents “The Fame: Unplugged”. It figures that just when I start to like the broad she starts becoming overexposed.

Speaking of reconstructions, The Black Crowes are releasing “Croweology” today. It contains unplugged versions of many of the band’s hits. I’ve never seen an actual Crowes show (I have seen Chris and Rich play acoustically in a conference room, however), but everyone I know says that they’re slammin’ live. However, this is also reportedly the last Crowes album before the band goes on what they’re calling an “indefinite hiatus”. I don’t know what that sounds like to you, but to my ears that can’t be good. Have the Crowes played their last note as a unit?

Other albums coming out this week include new ones from Buckcherry, Squeeze (re-recordings of their biggest hits) and Ryan Star, who is apparently not to be confused with the Ryan Starr who was on “American Idol” and “The Surreal Life”. Can we create a law that keeps multiple musicians from sharing a name? I’ve just figured out the difference between Dr. Dre and Doctor Dre.

As usual, get the full list of this week’s releases from Pause and Play.

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