Did Michael Jackson’s ghost creep up into the body of Shaffer Smith?

That’s what I’m wondering after seeing the video for “Champagne Life”, one of two singles already released from Ne-Yo’s upcoming fourth LP, “Libra Scale”. Not to say Ne-Yo hasn’t channeled the King of Pop many times before. There’s a reason MJ was calling Ne-Yo to assist with his ill-fated comeback. However, this song seems to recall Michael more than any song Ne-Yo has put out before. Whether that’s conscious or not, I can’t say, but when it comes to the whole package (songwriting, singing and overall performance), Ne-Yo might be the closest thing to a new-millennium MJ that there is.

This also makes up for the craptacular crapfest that was “Beautiful Monster”. Not everyone can do the whole Euro-dance thing.

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